Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review - "My Mother, Your Mother"

'My Mother, Your Mother' speaks to many baby boomers who find themselves caring for their parents

Date published: 4/27/2008

THIS BOOK will literal- ly speak volumes to many baby boomers who find themselves helping aging parents through their late-life journey. Geriatrician Dr. Dennis McCullough recommends a new approach to elder care, "Slow Medicine," and his thoughtful observations bring a glimmer of hope to an often bleak scenario.

He focuses on the fastest growing group of elders, those over 80, and notes that there is a "looming tsunami of elder care needs."

McCullough laments the fast, often aggressive pace of American medicine, and points out the incongruity of a diagnosis-based, cure-focused approach to someone who is dying simply because they are old and at the end of their life. He points out the difference between disease and illness. He questions the unlimited use of tests and procedures for elders, and advocates a gentle approach that assesses the patient's mental state, remaining abilities, family situation and quality of life.

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