Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Plan for Michigan Health Insurance Reform

From Our Own Detroit Free Press

State Sen. Tom George offers a well-thought-out plan for health insurance reform
April 6, 2008

On matters of public health, the State of Michigan's overarching goals must be improving it and increasing access to care.

With those guideposts, state Sen. Tom George, a physician, has a better plan for health insurance reform than one put forward by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and shot through the House last fall with disgracefully little review for an issue of such importance. George, a Republican from Kalamazoo, has, after a series of hearings he chaired in the Senate Health Policy Committee, produced his own set of proposals for the individual insurance market -- and they make sense.

Blue Cross, a not-for-profit agency set up through state law, has been lobbying for changes that the Blues say will enable them to be more competitive in the growing individual insurance market. At the same time, the Blues want less regulation and more freedom to invest in for-profit subsidiaries.

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