Monday, April 14, 2008

NY Nursing Homes Fill Gaps Left by Hospitals

As New York hospitals experience budget cutbacks and shortages, nursing home operators find themselves picking up some of the slack - caring for people who, though they may not really need a full-time nursing home, are not able to live independently in their own homes.

This role is actually the need we try to fulfill on a long term basis at an Adult Foster Care facility such as Kelso House AFC.

Staff Reporter of the Sun

As New York hospitals wrestle with cutbacks and budget constraints, nursing homes are finding a new role in treating patients who are well enough to be sent home but need additional care.

In a departure from their traditional role, nursing homes statewide in recent years have seen an influx of patients seeking short-term, rehabilitative care, as cash-strapped hospitals treat and discharge patients as quickly as possible. With increasing turnover rates at nursing homes, a number of facilities citywide are responding to the demand, taking on costly renovation projects that shrink the number of long-term beds but add space devoted to short-term care. Last week, the Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Queens broke ground on a $3 million expansion of its rehabilitation space, part of a $14 million top-to-bottom renovation of the facility.

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